Summer of Spontaneity

Friday my roommates and I decided that this summer we are going to live on the seat of our coattails and go with the flow. That being said yesterday at work I received a text asking about a trip to VA Beach for the Memorial Day holiday and we are actually getting ready to walk out of the door and begin the journey!

Hungry want a Philly Cheesesteak? Why no jump on the train to Philadelphia and go to Pat’s King of Steaks. What about a need for new clothes it’s a bus ride away to the Fashion District in NYC.

Our goal for the summer is to just work, explore, make/save/spend money and have the best possible time! Random journeys to interesting places are on the horizon and I will try my best to post pictures on here.

That being said: This summer if you have a beach house/summer home/extra days at a time share that you have neglected please let me know, we’ll book tickets or gas up the car and be on our way. We are 4 RESPONSIBLE college students that will make sure your house is in tip top shape when we leave. 😀

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