Personal Mission Statement

arielle-dixonI will strive to surround myself with individuals who love and care about me, because it is with their assistance that I reach for the stars.  I am not at my best when I allow myself to settle for less than what I deserve. Moving forward I will utilize the motivation of my friends and family with my own self-determination to meet and excel past my highest potential.

I will continue to work in an environment that I love, public relations is a field for me because I love to talk with people from all walks of life. Having the ability to promote the work of my clients to people who could use their assistance is rewarding. Although my preferred field of non-profit public relations is not one with high payout it gives me the most joy, I pledge not to change WHO I am and WHAT I believe in for the sake of greater income.  Outside of my work, I will begin to find more hours in my day for Arielle, I cannot be super woman 24/7.  I will treat myself to Friday volleyball and bi-weekly trips to the nail salon; I also pledge to fit more ME-time into my schedule.

I will use my natural talents and gifts in everything that I do; a born leader has a way of persuading the world…  I promise to use my powers for good and not evil!  My daily mantra will be ‘anything that I set my mind to can be achieved.’  I will stop making lists of what I need to do and start making plans of action, procrastination is the devil, and I refuse to feed into it any longer.  No longer will I allow myself to drag my feet about attaining my goals and dreams, instead I will begin to find ways to achieve them today.

My life journey will not be complete until I spark the mind that changes the world, I will begin this journey TODAY by becoming a mentor to youth in my community.  I will not allow the idea of failure to plague what I am here to do, by my 80th birthday there will be young men and women who tribute me by saying my presence was an impact on their life and helped shaped the person they are or the person they aspire to be.

My most important contribution to the people in my life – past, present and future will be my unconditional love and support along with my non-judgmental opinion.  I will strive to incorporate the attributes of those most dear to my heart into my daily routine.  Every day I will be a tenacious woman with a vision that perseveres even over the largest obstacles.

I will also find balance in my life by praying -not just in times of need but also in times of thanksgiving, by working out and relieving my body of stress, by taking a breather – whether it be a long walk in the park or driving the scenic route home, and surrounding myself with people who will be there for me in times of triumph and sorrow.

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