Inspirational Quote: November

Whenever I feel bad, I use the feeling to motivate me to work harder. I only allow myself one day to feel sorry for myself.


I believe that adopting Beyonce’s attitude towards moving forward when the going gets tough is important. I  live a better life than this mega-star being that the world isn’t watching when it comes time to air my dirty laundry.  When she was dealing with the very public issues with her father you never really saw her saw her sweat just a very politically correct response and adjustment to her game plan. She came back on top and now is doing better than I think she can even believe herself. Kudos to B, and best of luck to each of you as you reach trails and tribulations. As you push through just remember that the best revenge is to come back stronger than before. If you need a song to encourage you check out Beyonce’s own Listen from the Dreamgirls Soundtrack.

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