Using Social Media to Break the Internet

Last evening, Drake made an attempt to break the internet by releasing an album with no promo through iTunes. The 17 track mixtape features appearance from Lil Wayne, Travi$ Scott, and PARTYNEXTDOOR. Sales projections are at 500,000 units before the end of Saturday – that is a gold record goal before with less than three days of sales.

Following in the precedence set by Beyoncé who on December 13th, 2013 released her fifth album, self titled Beyoncé, to a exclusively to the digital audience through iTunes Stores. This release too was not prompted by promotions or a hit single instead fueled by social media. Columbia Records recorded the sale of 828,773 units worldwide in three days and gave Beyoncé her fifth consecutive number one album and a Grammy nomination for Album of the Year. This is an interesting thought for marketers who target the young adult demographic.

Just as traditional journalism is shifting so is marketing for the new age, gone are the days of posting a full color ad in the newspaper or magazines. Now if you are not embracing social media in some way, through an app, or actual medium, you are passed on by this market. The revolution is now televised through 4.7-5 inch screens of smart phones in the hands of nearly all consumers aged 18-30. What do you think of this new phenomenon that is being fueled through social media? Please share your thoughts in the comments below…

Maybe even while listening to “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late” available in the iTunes store.

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