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After leaving Oktoberfest in Germany we took a bus to Prague, the seven hour journey was no easy feat for the hungover version of me however once exploring the city center my plight was well worth it. Only having been there for a little over a day and a half we made the most of it and tackled a lot but I believe that there is still more to see of this ancient city. Always talked about as a place where many artists find their muse this waterside side boasts so many breathtaking views. I really don’t think that my camera even did it justice. Our time was spent hitting the main tourist attractions and we walked until our feet hurt, so be sure to bring comfortable shoes! As we meandered through the city we saw many of the world’s oldest wonders, lucky for me I was travelling with people who allowed me to nerd out and Google as we walked through what I like to think of as a “history book in real life.” Prague is made up of 10 zones, I cannot wait until next summer when I am able to venture out of Zone 1 and into the districts. (For a brief overview of the districts visit: Overview of Prague Districts)

The currency in Czech Republic is called Koruna. It is made up of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 korun coins, while the banknotes are in denominations of 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000 korun. Although the government suspended the plan to adopt the Euro as its official currency in 2005, there are street vendors and restaurants that do accept them. My warning when taking out money from the ATM is to verify the current exchange rate, so that you don’t take out too much.

The transit system here was more complicated than any of the systems I’ve been on in Europe. This may have been because we had not yet acquired one of the many coins that makeup this currency, but with the conversion being in our favor we Ubered to/from the airport and bus station. Everything else was relatively walkable, and we felt safe even at night time.

You absolutely MUST visit The Hemingway Bar while in Prague. The place gave me American speakeasy vibes due to the “exclusivity” but the handcrafted drinks and attention to small detail make this more than just a regular cocktail hour, the capture the essence of the man for which it bears the name.



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