ADTravels: New Orleans

This most recent trip to New Orleans was special to me because, although I have been a few times to visit family, this was my first time going to Mardi Gras as an adult. The experience was truly unforgettable and I hope that each of you get to experience it as well. This trip we stayed in the heart of the party at the Marriott Canal Street, this is the perfect location for the parades and a walk to Bourbon Street.

We started our Mardi Gras experience with a stop at Willies Chicken where we got daiquiri hurricanes before making our way to Bourbon Street. Walking down the street we collected beads from the overhead partiers. It truly felt like a scene out of Girls Trip, everyone cheering for the trophies to be thrown their way. The rest is a drunken blur (captured by the upside-down photo from my phone)  however I can make recommendations from previous experiences of places you should definitely check out.

Pat O’Breins – Amazing hurricanes and good music created from the dueling pianist, be sure to bring cash so that you can request to hear your favorite songs.

Cafe Du Monde – WORLD FAMOUS a definite must to get their mouth watering beignets, truly the best in New Orleans. It’s open 24-hour so you can definitely stumble there after day drinking.

Lil Dizzy’s – A small little spot off of Bourbon Street but definitely worth the trip because they make everything with love. Be sure to get there early if you’re going for brunch, the wait can get a little crazy during the weekend.

Willie Mays Scotch House – They have THE BEST fried chicken. Definitely a place to go!

Pier 424 / Creole House – These restaurants both are owned by the same company and have amazing customer service and even better food. Cannot go wrong with anything on their menus.

HereWeGo Entertainment – This is where the party is at! HereWeGo promotes all of the hip hop clubs in NOLA. Check their website for the information on how to get tickets/reserve tables.

Frenchman Street – There is no particular spot on Frenchman to recommend, just follow the music, smells of good food, and laughter of people to see where an amazing night will take you. This is usually where after hours spots can be found but you’d have to ask someone in the know to direct you.

Beaucoup Eats – I personally haven’t been here but a friend of mine recently visited and has RAVED about it.

She said they left with a whole cooler of food #NoExaggeration.

•Cheesy Grits smothered in Crawfish Sauce

•Oxtails & Gravy

•Scrambled Eggs

•Rice & Peas

•Beaucoup Battered House Wings

•Homemade Strawberry Lemoade

My goal for the next years Mardi Gras is to be apart of a parade, and I look forward to giving you the view from the other side! Please let me know if you have a place I missed and should

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