IKEA Tiny Home Contest

Anyone who has ever purchased something from IKEA knows that it is the ultimate test of your patience/relationship. True to their colors IKEA has found a way to put together a digital scavenger hunt for a custom 187-square-foot tiny home.

IKEA is dropping puzzle hints on their Instagram page between April 30 and May 12 that will unlock a secret password giving you the chance to win the ultimate prize.

A sneak peak at what the tiny home has to offer.

Here’s how to enter:

  • You need to become an IKEA family member, which is their free membership service that unlocks benefits and rewards.
  • After that you’ll want to follow @IKEAUSA on Instagram- so you can keep up with the six puzzles for the secret password.
  • Lastly, head over to http://www.ikea-usa.com/tinyhome between May 12 through May 14 to enter the password, your IKEA family member number, and submit a brief essay on why sustainable living is important to you.
  • Finally, you’ll have to sit and wait for the winner to be announced as to who will get to call the tiny home, their new HOME.

Borrowing words from their press release, “Every day IKEA explores new ways to make circularity more convenient and relevant. The IKEA tiny scavenger hunt is a way to prolong the life of the IKEA tiny home and allow one lucky customer the opportunity to cherish it forever.”

Some of the clues have already been revealed in the comments of the posts, there’s still time to enter.

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