AD Travels (Business Card)

Where in the world is Arielle?

Los Angeles, CA

As an avid traveller many people cannot keep up with my whereabouts. I hope to keep this page open as a means of “check-in” when travelling both abroad and domestically. Along my ADventures I will create city lists with information on amazing things that I have seen, or done and amazing places to eat/snack.

The more I travel the smaller and smaller the world becomes, but only having seen ~10% of the world there are still many places I need to explore. Join me on my ADventure and learn as I seek to touch all the ends of the earth. As I am inspired by the words of political activist Susan Sontag when she stated, “travel becomes a strategy for accumulating photographs,” I hope that my photos inspire you to travel as well. Let me also take this time to plug my lovely Apple iPhone 7 for it’s amazing camera, all shots are taken on this device unless otherwise noted.

Do you live in or have visited one of the cities I have visited and feel like there is something I missed? Use the subject: You missed this while visiting (insert city here). Are a business owner/manager in a certain city that I am in and would like me to highlight your business? Use the subject: When visiting (insert city here) check us out. Feel like I’m skipping over your little slice of heaven? Use the subject: But why haven’t you visited (insert city here)? Be sure to include some places I should hit while I’m there. I love connecting with people who make genuine recommendations, so please contact me at

Hopefully I will be playing tourist on an ADventure in your city soon!

Follow the link to get information on  ‘How to Apply for a Passport.’ I also recommend that you apply for Global Entry to make going through customs a breeze.

ADTravels: Munich
Munich, Germany
ADTravels: Prague
Prague, Czech Republic