Beginning my Bullet Journal

Forever inspired by those around me, I was introduced to the bullet journal by my sister who had come across it as she was looking to buy her next planner. The idea is that it gives you the ability to create a planner/journal/notebook/list holder/budget tracker extraordinaire. No two journals look the same because it is tailored to meet the needs of your specific lifestyle.

In the week that I did research on the journal I became more and more enthralled about how different bloggers and business people bragged about how much it had increased their efficiency and decreased procrastination. Each day they were setting themselves up to be accountable for tasks that need to get done in their personal and professional lives. Also, for those as competitive and OCD as myself, it created a “competition” to complete good habits such as drinking more water, spending less money, actually eating 3 square meals or WHATEVER it was that they found to be important. After I was fully convinced that the bullet method was the one that I needed, my sister and I purchased our first bullet journals.

We were both completely ready to setup our new life line until we opened the packaging of our 240-page whatever we wanted journal.Determined to not give up we began watching videos of how people had setup and evolved their bullet journals from novices to semi-experts. This is how we got to the temporary nirvana that we have created in our journals.

  • Developed an outline of things we wanted to see in our journals under the overall breakdown of yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, habits, and MUST HAVE collections.
  • Watched YouTube videos from the original bullet planner creator (Ryder Carroll) and other bloggers whose spreads we enjoyed.
  • Took a deep breath, while sharpening (yes sharpening!) pencils
  • Started the setup of a “basic” journal outline ensuring we hit all the points of our outline

Then the most important step:

  • We made a promise to not beat ourselves up for lack of creativity and to let the system work for us. Then making a plan of how to incorporate the journal into our daily lives.

I am only about two days into the using the journal daily and I am starting off with good strides. If you choose to start your own bullet journal good luck and feel free to reach out to me with questions or comments, I am no expert but I will gladly help to the best of my abilities. I am not yet at a point where I feel that I can share with you all my spreads, but when I get a better handle on it I will upload them to this page. Do you have any tips to share on how to create a bullet journal, or elements of your planner that you LOVE and think I should incorporate?

Increase your Reach Across Platforms

I am not one to push my religion on other people but my Washington DC church home (@CapCityChurchDC) is amazingly progressive. One sermon that I often revisit came from the Executive Pastor, @HarrisonWilder, on October 06, 2013. The sermon entitled ‘Great Faith. Little Faith.’ spoke about reach, and ways to increase your reach across platforms and through  people.

My interpretation of the points he made related back to my journey as a professional and publicist. I have the bold face words highlighted on the wall in my office just to help me when I get off track. Many times I revisit my notes when I am dismayed with a client or am just in need of a reminder of what it takes to be on top.

  • Become a good listener, people will tell you what you need and where they are. Listening comes in handy not just when speaking with clients but also with their publics. Proper response to complaints, feedback and compliments are key factors in maintaining and retaining good reach with public.

  • You must seek to effect one life at a time, make your message personal. A message that appears to be custom tailored  is more likely to get a response than those that are mass produced. Sometimes expanding your reach can come from just touching a few, remember not everything has to be grassroots.

  • Get intentional, develop a concise message that gets your point across. Once you get the attention of a public they do not want to be spammed or overloaded with information. Have your message make sense, as if you were to explain it to your Grandma!

  • Get prayerful, as you develop and finalize your plan, literally talk about it outloud. Once you have created the steps that will get you to the finish line have faith that it’ll happen. Most importantly on your journey to the finish line you cannot forget to be thankful for the progress that has been made with each bit of movement.

  • Take small steps, when you take too much on, you will just drown yourself. Don’t go for the home run right off the bat, mistakes are less likely to be made when you take your time, within reason, to ensure it gets done correctly.

  • Utilize community, although as publicist we want to be able to do it all no person is superman/woman. You cannot be afraid to ask for help and utilize the resources around you when you are unsure

  • Be patient, change takes time and good things come to those who wait. I cannot think of one brand that went from inception to household name overnight, know that you must create and follow a process..

  • Believe that people are hungry to live in their own purpose. This is key in choosing and keeping the right clients, if you are working harder than the client is working themselves there is something wrong. If a client doesn’t believe in themselves or their product what are we working for?

The points that he gave not only help increase your reach but help you become a better influencer or game changer. I believe that these are important to remember on this journey to go from being extra ordinary to extraordinary.

Inspirational Quote: January

Many people look forward to the New Year for a new start on old habits.


Instead of looking to get rid of habits in the new year I have created a vision board and am focused on the future. The mistakes of my past will lead me to a prominent career which will lead to being a positive influence on youth in this world. There is still so much that I need to do/achieve but with a plan in place and a support system pushing me to get ‘er done, I know that great things are on the horizon.

Inspirational Quote: December

The most pathetic person in the world is someone who has sight but no vision.

Helen Keller

It is very easy to get in the hustle and bustle of life, but we cannot forget to still be reaching for our goals and surpassing our expectations. This is where it is important to not only keep hold of your vision, but also to not lose the ability to multi-task. We must not get caught in the flowery promises of right now but moreso focus on the steps that will allow for us to receive those long term gains.

Fly Like an Eagle

The 1997 endorsement deal between “His Airness,” Michael Jordan and Nike created the subsidiary company Air Jordan. Air Jordan has come to be known as one of the most well-known names in athletic shoe and athletic wear. Every release or re-release of a Jordan shoe has “sneaker lovers”, “basketball players” and “MJ fans” alike waiting in massive lines hoping to get their hands on the next perfectly wrapped gift that Air Jordan has to offer. More often than not, customers begin waiting in line 2 days before the newest Air Jordan launch. The hype for the newest sneakers usually starts months in advance with the perfectly timed ‘leak” of a photo and a quote or two from “His Airness” himself. The “sneakerhead bloggers” can’t resist the temptation and the mayhem begins.

Recently the company re released the most popular worn Jordan shoe, the Air Jordan XI Concords; Jordan himself wore a pair for the entire 1995-96 regular season – the 72-win season. When these shoes hit stores just before Christmas of 2011, there was media coverage of people being trampled, arrested and assaulted as they tried to garner a pair of Air Jordan’s latest shoe. In some instances police were asked to escort the new Air Jordan owners to their cars to ensure safety.

For the Air Jordan brand, social media presence is not a strong suit. They only have a following of 1.4 million people through their Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages combined. But by releasing a news release and leaking photos of the newest shoe, Air Jordan captures the attention of countless “sneaker bloggers” across the nation. These bloggers create the hype that makes Air Jordan’s the hottest craze or the must-have buy for sneaker fanatics. Pricing a pair of sneakers at $180 and only releasing a certain number in different cities, creates an exclusivity that makes people want to stand in line for days on end, to be the first to get a pair.

The marketing team at Air Jordan has a mystical advertising plan as they have cornered a market, in what seems to be, an effortless manner. Although they have created modern social media outlets, the information garnered by the targeted public is through a non-traditional method. By not conforming to current social media processes and still being successful, they are just as legendary as the man whose name adorns the brand.

Sledgehammer Training Calls


You would be doing yourself a huge disfavor if you did not follow this link to to download the Sledgehammer Training Calls. I have the fortune of calling Chuck “Mr. Hustle Harder” Hawkins a mentor of mine, and was included on the calls that create this original series. Through the 9 weeks of these calls I have been on grind, not that I wasn’t before, but I was given that extra push I needed to get moving NOW! If you are someone who is interested in starting your own business or currently do have your own business I recommend that you download these calls today.

Sledgehammer is used as an acronym to help you start a new way of thinking as you take the pledge on the journey to owning your own profitable business. These calls too, can relate to young people starting in an entry-level position… No way that you can make it to the top without a little extra hustle than your competitor. Please visit the link and download today. Comment on this post about what you hear! And be sure to follow @ChuckisHustle on twitter.

#sledgehammer #hustleharder

Daniel Fast – I made it through!

Midnight tonight will mark my completion of a fast that I began to rebuild my relationship with God in addition to gaining refocus and direction in 2012. Twenty-one days ago, I pledged to myself and God that I would maintain a complete-plant based diet as Daniel did.

“In those days I, Daniel, was mourning three full weeks. I ate no pleasant food, no meat or wine came into my mouth, nor did I anoint myself at all, till three whole weeks were fulfilled.” Daniel 10:2, 3

The fast has proved to be a feat, as my friends enjoyed luscious meals and fabulous drinks I abstained, drinking only water and 100% juice and eating only fruits and vegetables. I relied heavily on my inner strength and the power of prayer to get me through my weakest moments.  I recommend that anyone looking to realize how strong they truly are to look at the Daniel Fast. Completion of this fast has reminded me that when I set my mind to something that I am capable of anything. I am grateful for my friend Michaela for advising me of this fast and staying strong with me, even 3000 miles away.

For more information on the Daniel Fast please follow the link, this site was my best friend while fasting.