Finding Solutions to Keep Your Home: Understanding Lender Negotiations

Distressed Sellers Arielle Dixon April 15, 2024

Life sometimes brings unexpected money problems, like falling behind on mortgage payments. But there are ways to handle it before it becomes foreclosure. Let's explore some options together:

Catching Up with Reinstatement Plans:

If you've missed payments due to a tough time but can pay now, we can talk to your lender about spreading out what you owe. This can help you avoid losing your home and get back on track with payments.

Lowering Payments with Extended Terms:

If you need to lower your monthly payments for a while, we can ask your lender to make your loan last longer. That way, you can pay less each month. And if things get better financially, you can always choose to pay more later.

Buying Time with Sale Date Postponements:

We might be able to delay the sale of your home for a bit. With our experience, we can make calls and try to buy you some extra time to figure things out.

Making a Change with Loan Modifications & Appeals:

Changing your loan terms or asking for another chance from your lender can be really helpful. We'll help you put together the right paperwork and increase your chances of getting help.

Taking a Break with Forbearance Agreement:

If you need a short break from paying your mortgage, we can ask your lender to agree to it for a little while. This can give you time to deal with your money problems and start paying again soon.

Selling for Less with Short Sales:

If your house is worth less than what you owe, we can try to sell it for a lower price with your lender's permission. It's not guaranteed, but it might be better for your credit than foreclosure.

Last Resort: Selling Your Home:

If all else fails, we might need to think about selling your home. It's not ideal, but it can help you get some money and avoid a big hit to your credit.

No matter what your situation is, we're here to work with you to find the best solution. Reach out to us today to get started on keeping your home and getting your finances back on track.



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